Top 5 Furniture and Appliance Choices for a Rental Property

Today’s real estate market is very saturated with all sorts of different properties for rent or sale, so if you have one you’d like to rent, you have to be smart about it. Your rental has to stand out from the sea of other, slightly different but essentially the same properties. But, having a good location and comfortable square footage isn’t enough to attract renters. You must equip your property with just the right appliances and furniture pieces that will not only make your home or apartment beautiful, but also make it functional and practical. Only then will you manage to attract renters and achieve a good price. So, let’s see the top five appliances and furniture choices you have to introduce to your rental property.

Comfy seating

Did you know that people spend up to 90% of their time indoors which includes their home, work, car and entertainment? That’s a significant number, so people naturally want to be comfortable in their interior. The best way to boost comfort in your rental property and attract people is to invest in some good seating. Equipping your property with a good sofa, an armchair and a good dining set will provide plenty of seating space both for the renters and their guests. If you’re following the latest interior design trends, you must know that big, fluffy, cozy and colorful furniture is super stylish today, but it can really fell out-of-place in a minimalist or industrial space. In that case, opt for a big sofa with sharp lines and subdued colors. The dining experience is the highlight of the day for many families, so make sure your dining table can fit enough people. Those families that love to entertain will be very attracted by a good and spacious dining set. On the other hand, if you don’t have much space in your property, opting for a kitchen island will provide renters with extra counter space and dining area.

A cozy place to sleep

Your renters might not engage in many activities while they are in your rental property, but all of them will use it for sleeping. That’s why you have to turn your average bedrooms into royal lodgings! The master bed should be the star of the show, so make sure it stands out with its size, comfort and aesthetics. If you really want to go all-in, you can prepare a new mattress for the new renters and adorn the bed with some canopies. Canopies are not only super attractive, but also create the feeling of a comfortable and private cocoon that many people say helps with their sleep. Kids’ bedrooms should also look attractive. Make sure to keep them clean because kids love to roll around and play on the floor. Bunk beds are always a great option because they can provide more space for playing, studying and other fun activities. New kids’ mattresses will also look attractive and allow parents to relax knowing their babies are sleeping on a fresh bed free of germs and dust.

Washing up

Many people who come to look at the rental space dismiss it right away when they hear there is no washing machine. Families with kids are especially reliant on them because of all the mess their children make. That’s why you simply must have a good (and smart) washing machine in your rental property. Companies like LG now have smart technology integrated into their appliances that allow you to create custom programs, operate the units via your smartphone and monitor energy consumption. Additionally, make sure that the appliance you opt for has an Energy Star rating that will attract environmentally-conscious renters, those who want to save a few dollars on their utility bills or those who just love new, smart tech and gadgets. Another appliance you must have is a dishwasher. They not only make kitchens look sleek and modern, but also make chores a piece of cake. Dishwashers also save water and allow your renters to do something good for the environment. Smart dishwashers can also be operated and managed with just a press of a button on your phone.


Even though families today basically bring most of the entertainment with them (smartphones, tablets, laptops), you still have to supply them with a good entertainment system. Young families with small kids are especially tech-savvy and love to have a lot of new gadgets and smart technology in their homes. So, investing in a TV integrated with intelligent technology is a great way to provide your renters with a complete entertainment system. Make sure that your TV can be connected to their home Wi-Fi, so that they connect their gadgets and manage channels form their phones and tablets. There’s also a possibility that kids have different gaming consoles, so you must provide them with a TV that allows them to connect their PlayStation or Wii.

Home office space

Many people today choose to work from home, because it allows them flexibility and freedom. However, not every space is suitable for a home office. Rooms that get a lot of traffic and contain many distractions will make users feel overwhelmed, unfocused and unproductive. So, designating a space that can be used as a study or an office is a great way to attract work-from-home renters. A home office can be pretty small, but it has to contain a good work desk and plenty of light and outlets for lamps and office electronics. A desk that is large and sturdy will definitely look professional and attractive, so don’t hesitate to opt for a top-shelf model. If you lack space in your rental property for a full-blown home office, designating a corner with a work desk in the living space can also work just fine, especially for renters without kids.

Of course, there are plenty of other items that make a good rental space, but you simply can’t go without these five basic elements. If you decide to introduce them to your rental property, you’ll have renters fighting over it.