Top 3 Temperature-controlled soldering irons

If you have sometimes fixed or repaired circuit boards and some similar electronics parts, then a soldering iron is not an unfamiliar tool to you. And for Electronics Engineers (EE) it’s a must-have along with a quality Digital Multi Meter (DMM).

The basic function of the instrument is it helps you to fix broken or create new circuit connections  implementing molten solder. Uncontrolled and cheap irons do not provide any type of thermal regulation. Choosing the best soldering iron is important one for better soldering.

And these unregulated irons can be directly plugged into the socket and they get heated up to high temperatures while connected to the socket. This makes the first soldering at a maximized heat leading to poor quality connections and allows damage to the smaller elements. They are neither controllable nor stable, so to serve the purpose diligently you should without hesitation select Temperature-controlled equipment.

While you decide to purchase a Temperature-controlled soldering iron (and it is a slow task), here are the various parameters that you have to consider includes:

  • Wattage
  • Temperature Control
  • Tip size
  • Cost
  • Insulation resistance

Mostly soldering irons uses electricity and changes it to heat that is used to melt the solder. The standard of the soldered connection depends on the quality of the equipment used to create it, irrespective of the matter that you are opting for a DIY or a hiring a professional to do the work for you. A proper device will always support a beginner also to enhance the skill. Now let’s focus on in-depth of the factors that will make choosing the right soldering device for you.


It is one of the most significant points to check before buying this soldering iron. Generally, the soldering irons wattage can be seen between 20 – 60 watts. But it is better to buy the device which ranges from 40W to 60W as it will enable you to provide proper heat for all the soldering projects for the circuit boards. That in any way doesn’t mean that your devices with higher wattage provide more heat to the connections, rather has more power that is accessible. As the soldering station come with a regulator for managing the temperature, it is easy to modulate the equipment’s temperature on the tip. 20W to 30W devices loses heat faster creating a requirement for re-heating and this result in bad quality joints or connections.

Temperature control

Latest or advanced devices have a mechanism for controlling temperature. The technology of the mechanism ranges of modulating temperature for variable power control. This is the easiest version of thermocouple which works in concurrence with station circuit to regulate the temperature.

Tip size and shape

It is the resistance amid the device’s tip and its heating component also referred ad ‘isolation resistance’. To make it more clear it the measurement of isolation of the tip and the secondary circuit of the transformer.


It can range between $25 and $60

Insulation Resistance

It is the resistance amid the device’s tip and its heating component also referred ad ‘isolation resistance’. To make it more clear it the measurement of isolation of the tip and the secondary circuit of the transformer.

Let’s make purchasing process further facile and faster for you. Here are the top 3 Temperature-controlled soldering iron that you can trust.

Top 3 Temperature-controlled soldering irons

Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron

This device is wisely designed to be lightweight with an amazing shape to like that of a pencil for easy grip. It has a power switch to discontinue heating as soon as you need along with an indicator. It has an ability to change its power from 5W to 40W, based on the requirement. It comprises of the heating component that can be replaced. Copper tip improved the heat conductivity while it is coated with iron. The easy maintenance is another benefit with Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron as it has a cleaning pad with it.

Hakko FX888D

For quality soldering joints you can obviously settle with Hakko FX888D. The unique point about the device is its digital temperature control which reduces the chance of pad lifting due to overheating is reduced while smaller parts and the heat-up time is 60 seconds. The detached unit of heat control makes the devices lighter.

Aoyue 469 Variable Power Soldering Iron  

The devices that have the feature to change the power consumption definitely are more popular and Aoyue 469 is one of them. It has a 60W power margin and its tip is of iron, which is replaceable and even can be changed as per the operation or requirement.

You can get it in 50 different tip sizes. Aoyue 469 has a PTC element which reduces the equipment’s heat up temperature as per the need being completely controllable. The remarkable feature in it that it can attain any temperature ranging from 3920F to 8970F. The design has ESD safe features fortifying the safety.