Tamilnadu state govt grants scholarship to the girl who complained against her father for not constructing toilet at home

The Tamil Nadu government has issued a mandate to help build a house for a girl who complained to the toilet parent.

Honeybejara, a young girl from Ambur Natarajapuram in Vellore. The seven-year-old girl, who was studying in 2nd grade, had complained to the police that her father had been biting without a toilet. It has gained attention throughout Tamil Nadu.

Accordingly, the district administration immediately took action to build a toilet for the girl’s house. Furthermore, honoring the attention of the girl’s health, Hanifaraja was appointed Ambassador of the Ambur municipality as India’s ambassador.

At present, the young honeybeeja has been ordered to pay homage to house. Minister KC Veeramani has handed over the grant to the government to pay homage on behalf of the Cottage Board.

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