Answered! The Top Queries Related to the USB Type-C

Ever since the launch of the USB type-C, every smartphone and laptop manufacturer, especially the giant names in the field have shown acceptance to this ultra-modern concept. From Apple to HTC, you now have several devices featuring the USB type-C connectivity standard. Not only does the USB type-C connector flaunts an efficient design to charge devices that enhance the functionality, but it also allows the devices to be designed in much sleeker and slim manner. The main change that came with the USB type-C is the elimination of other connecting ports in laptops.

While the future looks bright with the USB type-C ensuring further developments, here is a list of common questions and their answers from experts that will lend you great knowledge of this new connectivity standard.

What Is Type-C and Why Is It Different?

If you have an electronic device, you should know the purpose of a USB port. The USB type-C is an upgraded version of the previous USB standards and is mainly based on the specifications of the USB 3.1. The main differentiating factor in the USB type-C compared to its predecessors is that it is a universal connectivity standard, which means you can charge and transfer data to various devices and peripherals at the same time. You will not have to look out for different cable for different purposes, as USB type-C ensures ease and comfort on the go. Using multiple cables of different sizes and shapes will now become a thing of the past with the USB type-C cable, which is also a reversible cable that all type-C compatible gadgets can easily support.

What Will Happen to the Previous Versions?

USB type-C is an upgraded version that follows the concept of USB 3.1 and is tiny in size compared to its previous counterparts. Most renowned tech and gadget manufacturers like Apple, ASUS, and HTC have already made way for the USB type-C. There is no need to assume that the previous connectors have come to an end with so much focus on the type-C. Normal USB ports are still used in most laptops and even if your laptop has only USB type-C port, you can connect your external devices such as pen drive and mouse using a USB type-C hub.

How Is USB type-C More Convenient?

Perhaps user-oriented design and user-friendly support are the reasons that have made the USB type-C so much popular. The USB type-C is equipped with the alternate mode which is a protocol that lets you connect hubs and adapters to output VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI and etc. In other words, USB type-C is all about offering optimum comfort and convenience by sponsoring connectivity to multiple devices and peripherals at the same time.

Why Is Charging More Efficient with the USB Type-C?

USB type-C is becoming the standard in USB more and more because of its capability of fast charging. The compact size connector promises to deliver up to hundred watts of power at twenty volts. Also, it enables charging and data transfer at the same time, ensuring both speedy charging and lightning fast data transmission.


These are the four common questions that are frequently asked by users all over the world. Hopefully, the answers will offer you a brief idea of the crucial attributes of the type-C and why it is the future of USB.


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