Ways to Furnish a Small Studio Apartment

Recently, I decided to move into the 500-square-foot studio apartment. It is the same apartment I lived in when I moved to London for studies in my early 20’s. Now, I am in my early 30’s and understand that what I’ve pinned to my ‘home’ boards on Pinterest, could not go with studio apartments. But having just one room doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice styling to gain more storage space, rather now I have developed more sense of decorating and furnishing a practical studio and I  am finding it really exhilarating.

I started with an ingenious way of going from a large two bedroom to essentially one long room. This way I have managed to get more storage space as well as the walls. However, the dilemma of furnishing this small studio apartment was obscured, but I found an effective solution. Read on to discover amazing tips and some of my inspirations for decorating and furnishing your studio apartment.

Furniture Placement

Arranging furniture can be hard in an open floor studio apartment layout as you have just an itty-bitty one room apartment and all your stuff has to fit within it. Moreover, no one wants to have their sleeping space touching their living room space. Or worse yet, have a kitchen in it too. Take heart, I am here to share some tricks to help you to enjoy a little privacy in your intimate space with selecting the right furniture pieces and functional partitioning spaces.

To start with,

  • Get your studio apartment floor-plan on hand and start considering different layout options, you think will work for you. After analysing the area, think if your room is big enough to accommodate more sections and if it will provide more functionality overall? If you are socially active, consider having your friends coming over regularly (in such cases you would need a guest-friendly layout) or if you would like to spend entertaining time outside and will be using your home just for some relaxing me time’ and sleeping activity? Make choices, but don’t forget that you have limited space, so your furniture selection will have a major impact.
  • Now, it’s the time to let your creative juices flowing. Think which furniture pieces do you want and how it can be arranged to serve double-duty. Possibly, a couch in the middle of the room can be used as a separator for your dining room. 

How to Separate a Room

Though not everyone would agree, but allowing your studio to add creative dividers is a must – especially to separate the bed from the rest of the room. While looking at the ‘open space’ route, I realised that the idea of incorporating dividers in my studio room to add functionality in contrast to having my bed and living space back-to-back.There are several ways to separate a room, like:

  • Bookcase room divider. This is one of the stylish and practical combinations, particularly with the finished bookcases both sides, just not to get a separate room, but also to serve double-duty as a spacious storage space and book display case. With this, you can get a space to spare to accommodate books, papers or photos. Even during night time, you can place your lamp on one of the shelves to enjoy the extra benefits. Additionally, the way it keeps the room airy while partitioning off the bed-area from the living room is really incredible.
  • Folding screens. The glamour of the folding screen tends to overshadow its practicality. Adding a folding screen not only adds amplitude to your small space, but also makes it looks sophisticated, no matter if you need to carve out a private space or a foyer from a living room, these screens get the job done. It comes in a variety of sizes (short/tall, wide/narrow) and styles and by using two of them; you can completely conceal your bed.
  • Curtains. Nothing could be easier than adding curtains- after all it reduces the need of having walls while adding tranquillity to your space. As a temporary solution, curtains are easy and cheaper to install.

Studio Apartment Bed

Next on the list is- bed selection and believe me, it really makes my head spin! Since every bed that I select, creates a really different ambiance, such as,

  • Conventional beds. If you really want to enjoy a luxurious night of rejuvenating rest, go with a good old bed (mattress, frame and all). It creates a relaxing environment by providing sturdy support for a truly refreshing sleep.This is my first choice definitely.
  • Futons. Futon could be a great choice for your studio apartment that serves multiple purposes – bed and couch in one. Wrapped in a cotton batting, it provides comfort as a couch for seating for guests and as a bed for you to sleep on. Since futon mattresses are less comfortable than conventional beds, consider it only if you are running short on your space for arranging it into separate sections.
  • Day beds. Day beds are too awesome to have. Use it as a couch during the day or asa guest bed in the night. Plus, it could be a super comfy bench when your friends suddenly come over!

Studio Apartment Decorating Tips

Enlisted are few decorating tips that I’ve accumulated through the years, I hope you find them useful:

  • Select a theme. A studio apartment is one thing that gets a bad rap in design and offers very little in the way of space, without a room to spare. But one thing that I have realised is, while mixing earthy and glamorous touches, you need to select your furniture carefully in a way that fits into the overall theme. If you are incorporating pops of colour with combining removable wallpaper, ensure that every piece serves a variety of purposes. Just, don’t over furnish everything in the excitement; plan your furniture pieces in accordance with the theme instead. Select your couch/sofa, armchair, side tables, shelves and chairs with keeping their utility in mind.
  • Use pretty mirrors profusely. For small spaces, mirrors work incredibly. They know how to create an illusion and trick the eyes for having more space than the existing space. Place the mirror across from a window so that the natural light can reflect back into the room. And yes, be open and use as many mirrors as you want like for example,I have two- one across the natural light source and another in the middle of the room.
  • Separate areas with area rugs. Area rugs are a great way to separate spaces with serving a “purpose” for each space. Not only does it blend seamlessly with the existing decor, but also provides a cosy feeling. Since, it’s too cold in London; I have personally installed column radiators in my studio apartment to get extra warmth during chilly nights as well as to enhance the overall elegance with its amazing designs.
  • Lighting options. With so many lighting options available in the market, it’s important to analyse the best option for your apartment. Like, there are ceiling fixtures that give off a lot of light or you can consider having table lamps and floor lamps as well.
  • Be creative and add some pictures, paintings, artifacts, etc. 

Author Bio

George Knowles loves to be called “Problem solver” by both his colleagues and friends as he helps his clients with the best loft conversion ideas. He used to live in London, which is the source of most of his stories. He also an avid blogger who likes keeping himself and the readers updated with the latest interior design trends.

Locking Mailboxes 101 – Everything you need to know

Over the past some years, the mailbox theft has increased to a higher level. But still, the majority of individuals isn’t using locking mailboxes as they don’t take it seriously.

Buying a best secure locking mailbox can protect your mail and identity from theft. In this guide, we will tell you about all the valuable information about the locking mailboxes.

This guide will allow you to understand the necessity of this product and how it can help in ensuring that your mail stays protected. Read out the complete article for knowing complete information about the locking mailboxes.

How do locking mailboxes work?

One of the most frequent questions that came in the mind of people is about the working of locking mailboxes. However, in reality, it works in a similar fashion as the normal mailbox. The only difference is that your documents will remain protective inside it.

A postman will put your mail via a slot of the incoming mail door, which is not locked and have enough space for accepting small parcels and mails. However, the slot will not be so large that a person can reach to your documents with a fishing hand.

The incoming mail will stay protected from thefts once it enters a secure locking mailbox. The slot through which incoming mail enters should be very small, so that the prying hands can’t reach inside if you want to offer true security to your mail. Along with that, these mailboxes come with an anti-pry mechanism that prevents any type of leveraged entry.

If you own a locking mailbox, then you can pick up all your mails with a key that unlocks the mailbox’s door so that the mails can be retrieved. The key-locked door can either be in the rear, front or both. It depends on the model and style of the mailbox.

How can locking mailboxes help you?

Having a locking mailbox can benefit the owners in many different ways that are mentioned below in detail:

  • More Durability

There are lots of vandals and young kids who like to smash the mailboxes and broke it. Having a locking mailbox offer superb strength and durability that the other type of mailboxes failed to offer. You may have to pay some more money, but it can relieve the tension of cracking or deformation.

  • Hold more mails

If you are one of those persons who regularly receives mail, then there is a stronger chance that it may collect in a higher quantity in your mailbox. Having a regular mailbox will not do the job for you and that’s why buying the best locking mailbox is the thing that you must have.

  • Provide complete protection to the mails

There is no better way to offer protection to the mails, other than installing a locking mailbox. There are many instances where the people become a victim of the bank fraud because their identity gets stolen through the mailboxes. If any of your personal information gets out, then it can hurt you in the long run. That’s why buying a locking mailbox is a perfect idea.

Types of locking mailboxes

There are diverse types of locking mailboxes available in the market. We will tell you about each of them in detail so that you can select as per your need and convenience.

  1. Wall Mounted Locking Mailboxes

This type of locking mailboxes can be mounted to all the surfaces, such as brick, siding, stucco, etc. Generally, they are easier to install and can be attached with just two screws. The back of the wall mounted locking mailbox is attached to the wall of the home has two screw holes.

  1. Curbside Locking Mailboxes

The curbside locking mailbox generally has a narrow slot through which mails can easily fit in. However, they are never so large that a person can reach it with their hands inside.

  1. Column-Locking Mailboxes

Having a column locking mailbox will allow the users to get their mails from the backside and comes with an address plaque. This type of mailbox secures the mails and gives out a custom look. It is known as one of the best locking mailboxes among the people.

  1. Locking Cluster Mailboxes

This type of locking mailboxes suits the people who have a group of condos or an apartment to share for picking up their mail. It is popularly known as the Cluster Box Units that can be seen in many houses.

How to secure your mailbox?

In addition to installing a secure locking mailbox, you should follow the below-mentioned precautions for providing additional protection to your important mails:

  • Reporting theft

There are lots of people who never report about the theft of their mail or other important documents because they don’t take it seriously. However, these people should complain immediately about all kinds of theft instead of just holding back the report.

  • Reposition your mailbox

Instead of placing your mailbox near the street, it will be good to remove it from there and then placing it nearer to the front gate. It will make sure that the thieves use more caution while coming near to your mailbox. It may look like a very short step, but it can prevent lots of damage in the long run.

  • Installing Cameras

If you install a camera near your mailbox, then there is a strong chance that vandals will make them think thrice while destroying it? That means you can make sure your property remains safe while installing a camera that overlooks your mailbox.


Nowadays, the thief who has an eye on your mail wants a simple access to your mailbox. Generally, the thieves want to open your mailbox and grab all the important documents so it is necessary to install a secure mailbox.

If they see a secured mailbox near your house, there is a stronger chance that they will never think about stealing your mail.

Shop a locking mailbox can secure all your mails if you are looking to keep your identity safe.

Cloud-Driven Mobile Applications – Let Us Explore It

A mobile cloud app often called cloud application is nothing but a software program, which is designed to be accessed over the Internet by different types of, carryable computing devices. Mobile cloud applications or cloud driven mobile apps as well as web applications that are similar as well.

They both most of the time run on different types of servers, the external mobile devices, they both capture data externally and they both have online access with a browser.

Moreover, it is sometimes said that while all the cloud applications are web applications – not all types of web applications are cloud applications, but few of them are. Simply says, not all types of mobile phones but web applications can run in the virtual environment sans being re-engineered.

This is due to the web application that has originally been written to the urn and gathers the data on a dedicated server, better to say the physical server in a data centre. A cloud is certainly coming under cloud computing, on the other hand, it will be written to live on a virtual server in a distributed versatile architecture as well as gather data in the cloud. To understand the cloud-driven mobile application, you should know something about cloud computing. Let us read something about cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Your Way of New Generation Computing

In technical term, cloud computing is nothing but a practice of using a network of remote servers, the service can be one or multiple, and the servers hosted on the Internet to gather, keep, manage as well as process the data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Though cloud drive mobile application and cloud computing is not the same thing, but both are connected to each other.

Cloud computing is in general term for the delivery of hosted services online. Therefore, it would make you understand how applications driven by cloud are connected with cloud computing. Cloud enables organizations to expand a computer resource, such as virtual machine, called VM, gather and keep the data or the application, as a utility – just like electricity – rather than having to create and upkeep computing infrastructures in-house.

Concept and Technology of Cloud

Cloud computing is an IT or information technology paradigm, a great model for the purpose of enabling ubiquitous access to the shared pools of resource configurations, which is wherever and whenever needed. This can be of many devices or ways, such as computer networks, servers, applications and or services that can be easily as well as rapidly provisioned with the minimal management effort, sometimes over the internet. It is no other than internet-based computing where many services, like servers, managers and applications are delivered with no or less cost and provide access to organizations.

There are many technologies used in cloud applications, but the benefits of using those technologies are simply put, cloud computing or applications are computing based on the Internet. Where in the past, the majority of people would run apps or the programs from software downloaded on their computers from the servers and that is free of cost and sometimes less cost possible.

What is Cloud Mobile Phones

The mobile cloud is nothing but a form of cloud space, which is accessible on mobile devices. The devices can be a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. In as much as, the cloud space provides the services that help users to create as well as organize files, folders, music and photos which are similar to the models of other cloud computing.

The mobile cloud, on the other hand, is nothing but an internet-based data, apps as well as related services that are accessed by way of smartphones, laptops, tablets or other portable devices.

Cloud Application – Driven by Cloud

A cloud application is often called a cloud app is nothing but a software program that comes or gets an individual from the cloud with less or no cost, where cloud-based, as well as local components, work together at a time. This is a great model that relies on remote servers for the purpose of processing the logic which is accessible by way of a web browser with a continual online connection. Cloud app servers generally located in a remote data centre, which is operated by a 3rd party cloud services infrastructure provider.

The cloud-based mobile applications task may encompass the email, files as well as sharing the order entry, including the inventory management, word processing, CRM i.e. customer relationship management, combining the data collection or the features of financial accounting.

Cloud Computing for Emerging Mobile Cloud Apps

The future of cloud is lucrative. In as much as, the computing environment is growing day by day, due to the reason this has been known for the age of cloud-driven mobile app that is for all types of growth of the computing industry. The free growth that has emerged and boosting the other domains at the same time.

Cloud-based computing or cloud-based technology is an aspect of application industry, which deals with latest mobile application design. This is a great model that relies on remote servers for the purpose of processing the logic which is accessible by way of a web browser with a continual online connection.

There are many technologies used in cloud applications, but the benefits of using those technologies are simply put, cloud computing or applications are computing based on the Internet. Where in the past, the majority of people would run apps or the programs from software downloaded on their computers from the servers and that is free of cost and sometimes less cost possible.

Cloud Computing for Emerging Mobile Cloud Apps

Hope you probably come across different types of cloud platforms, like Azure, AWS and Google cloud platform. Cloud is a facet of present industry that deals with computing and computer services, and also with latest mobile app design, upkeep and service.

Cloud computing that use cloud driven mobile applications is the use of computing resources with hardware and software that delivers a service over a network. Most of the time cloud services come free or very less cost. It sometimes comes with third-party service. These types of services generally provider users some of the advanced services, like software and mobile cloud applications access that are connected with high-end networks of server computers. Some of the popular online mobile app testing tools are:

  • Appthwack
  • Manymo
  • Blazemetter
  • Deviceanywhere

Mobile app testing is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks with lots of quality assurance you need to process when you test from the point of a professional and you need to interact with people and multiple devices to make it up to the mark that fits into the market.

Where in the past, the majority of people would run apps or the programs from software downloaded on their computers from the servers and that is free of cost and sometimes less cost possible. However, the process normally consists of checking the performance of apps around multiple handheld devices with many different screen sizes as well as resolutions, because mobile cloud apps can give your workflow a steady streamline and it can transform your business as well.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and mobile app development.