Create an Awesome Backyard Conversation Area For Your Family With This DIY Stone Firepit

Can you think of a better way to spend an evening than relaxing outside in front of a fire? Neither can we. Having a stone firepit in your backyard is an awesome way to enjoy a fire in your backyard without the danger of an open one on the ground, and is far easier to maintain and clean up. And building one doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. In fact, with a quick trip to your local home improvement store and a few hours in the backyard, you can have an attractive, functional firepit ready to go in no time.

Below you’ll find our quick guide to building your own home firepit, all at an attractive price, to help you turn your backyard into an even warmer place than it already is. So pull up a lawnchair and take a look.


This fire pit uses concrete blocks, that may not look quite as fancy as fine stone masonry but work just as well – and are way easier. They cost about $1 each at Home Depot, and can come in a variety of colors, so you can choose whatever looks best for your backyard – River Red, Antique Buff, Firestone, Carolina Blend. Depending on how large of a firepit you want to use, you’ll probably want to get about 40, so you can make a row of 10, stacked 4 high.

No mortar or glue is necessary – you’re simply going to stack these neatly. Grab yourself a shovel, a can of spraypaint, some string, and a stake.


Choose a spot to make your fire pit, preferably about 25 feet away from any structures, overhanging trees or brush, or anything else that may cause problems. Put the stake in the center of your future firepit, tie the string to it, and then attach the spraypaint to the string. You’ll probably want your firepit to be in the area of 30-36” inches across, to the string should be about 15-18” long. Walk in a circle around the stake, pulling the string taught, and spraying the paint in a near-perfect circle.

Next, take the shovel and dig out a hole a few inches deep in outline of the pit. This will remove anything that might burn (grass, leaves, etc) and leave room for some sand or gravel.

Building the Pit

Now comes the fun part: building the firepit. Take your concrete blocks and start stacking them around the perimeter of your firepit, alternating the pattern so that each block is centered over the crack below it; this gives the whole thing a nice weaving look. You can also leave a gap or two on one level to allow air to get in and stoke the fire. With 40 blocks, you’ll have about 10 blocks around, and 4 high – about 16” tall.

Then, pour in your sand or gravel – about 2” deep. This adds a nice layer between burning logs and ash, and the ground. And you’re done.

Now it’s time to enjoy your backyard by gathering friends, grilling up some steaks, building a fire and enjoy great conversations. Click here for grilling ideas to pair with your new firepit.

Author Bio: Mahal is a blogger and managing director at Royal Tech Engineering. He used to write blogs about Home, Garden & Machines.